Welcome to Avtoakpp-cvt! This website was created for those who with their own hands repairs  their car. Demonstrated inside the repair of variator VT25-E/VT20-E (continuous variable transmission: CVT), mounted on car Saturn Vue 2,2l 2002-2005 and Ion Quad Coupe 2,2l 2003-2004. Also installed on the car Opel Signum 2004-2007 and the Opel Vectra C 2004-2007.

   Learn the principle of work and  variator cvt parts, what oil flow control solenoid block and how valve drive shaft, and output shaft of the variator change transfer coefficient.

   Having a garage with grease pit, a minimum set of tools, not sophisticated devices, pressure manometer with the adapter and simple turnout tester, fault detection  of different parts of the variator and their repair.

   Some operations, assembly and disassembly, are not described in detail to the screw. If there is a need to describe in detail, then I can update. All pictures of the variator done by me.

   After becoming acquainted with site you will know: what is a variator, how variator works. If someone is interested in repairing variator. Information is free of charge to site visitors.




  On the "Tools" page lists a necessary tool for the repair of the variator. What devices can be  used. Showing picture of tools used.

  On the next page "Preparation" described as a simple tester can check the sensors and their circuits. With the help of compressed air can check oil feeds, seals, couplings forward and reverse.

 Then visit page "Removal of the variator" technology is described in detail, order and sequense of the variator removal from vehicle.

  Next on "Hydraulic torque converter" device is described in detail, the principle of the torque converter.

  On the page "Disassembly variator" shows the sequence of disassembly variator. Given(shown) picture of the disassembled variator.

  On the pages of "The driving shaft" and "The driven shaft" is described in detail how to use compressed air check ring seals in the moving cones.

  On the next page "Planetary gear set" we will know for what planetary gear is used, how it works with the forward clutch.

  On the pages of "The oil pump" and "The oil filter", we learn about the appointment of the pump and filter. Check pressure gauge in the main road, how you evaluate the  of drain the oil.

 "Replacement of the cvt belt" of page shows how to replace the metal belt CVT.

 On the next pages "Block of the solenoids", "Block of the valves" and "Checking the solenoids" written shows how to check the solenoids and valves.



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