REMOVAL OF THE VARIATOR


   Now the can be put on the support, the site just behind the front wheels. Remove the

wheel, unscrew stupichnye nuts, under the wings remove the lower shrouds.

   Descend into the grease pit: we remove the stretcher arm lateral stability and steering

rack, tied them to the exhaust pipe. With the variator unscrew bolts front and rear airbags

variator, they remain on a underframe. If the ball bearings attached to the wishbone bolts of

their shooting. Levers also remain on the stretcher. Skip the clothesline under the radiator and

fasten it to top. Unscrew one bolt attaching hoses oil cooler and take out of the variator.

Remove the starter from the engine to access the three bolts attaching the torque converter

to the flywheel. The starter is also tied to the engine. Twist engine flywheel unscrew the

three bolts fastening torque to the flywheel, in fact, a transition plate.

   We take out the left and right drive (CV joints). Unscrew the four bolts attaching the

underframe and carefully remove the side. Unscrew bolts of the variator to the engine, leaving

one bolt at the top one below. Right and left cups bearing suspension through a piece of

board and put rubber scrap. Scrap with the help of schyu chain and two rifles for the "ears"

hands engine. Scrap bind to the partition interior clothesline from random vibrations.

   On a metal barrel, put a board on her rolling jack and a piece of metal pipe props up the

engine. Raise the engine at low altitude, so that we remove the remaining bolts fixing the

variator on the pillow. We were very useful, fresh wide batten 60 mm length 1.6 - 1.8 m. We

put a board across the hole at an inclination motor with variator and separate the variator on


   To permanently remove the variator, let´s secure the bracket to the battery box spar on

one bolt. People get up on it when removing the variator and will keep him the help of towing

belts. After removing the variator on the left cushion, slowly drop the engine with CVT and

watching chain length. Descends to touch the body of the variator floor board and unscrew,

the remaining two bolts of the variator to the engine and separate CVT. After that, the engine

lift to the horizontal position and string chain. Then, the variator to raise a second with a

floor board, put in on the edge of barrel and the edge of the underframe, doing an inclined

plane on which we which we take out the variator of the grease pit. Be sure the torque

converter should be located at the top, otherwise he can jump out of the variator you on your

feet, or injure himself HT.

   On the lower picture variator.


   1- hydraulic torque converter,

   2 - three points of attachment to the HT engine is,

   3 - position sensor range selection,

   4 - cover variator unit solenoids.


   In the photo:

   Right and left cups bearing suspension throudh a piece of board and put rubber scrap. Scrap

with the help of schyu chain and two rifles for the "ears" hands engine. To avoid stupid acci-

dents scrap secure clothesline to partition of interior.


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