BLOCK OF THE SOLENOIDS


   Electronic unit TCM (computer) receives information from sensors that measure various

spectra of the state as a variator, and the entire car as a whole at all speeds and under all

engine speeds. Analysis of these data allows TCM to determine the "LINE 1" most optimal for

a given point in time the pressure in the main thoroughfare "LINE 1" and calculate the

necessary at the moment the ratio of the cones driving and driven shaft of the variator.

Watch this page - hydraulic circuit.

   Solenoid "LINE PRESSURE CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE" (1) adjusts the pressure in the main

magesstraley "LINE 1", pressure is brought to him from the valve - a pressure regulator "LINE

1PRESSURE REG". To control this solenoid TCM continuously sends signals to a PWM (pulse

width modulation) with a frequency of 32 Hz. The duration of each signal depends on the

parameters of the car and the parameters of the variator. In this case, ball valve solenoid is

constantly in a cyclic mode "on" - "off". Such a method of pressure control allows you to

accurately generate pressure in the control system depending on the parameters of the car.

   At the end of the body coil is screw (2) hexagon for regulation pressure the main highway.

When rotating the screw clockwise to increase pressure, counterclockwise decreases. This

solenoid valve also controls the "LINE 2 PRESSURE REG", regulating the pressure in the "LINE

2". With this solenoid organized an emergency operation of the variator. Ball valve solenoid is

always open - works at the drain valve "LINE 1 PRESSURE REG" takes the right position.

Pressure oil pump goes into the canal "BYPASS" (in the bypass channel). The led indicator

"REDUCED POWER" on the dashboard.

   On the block of solenoids mounted pressure sensor "PRESSURE SENSOR". Stepper motor  

"RATIO CONTROL MOTOR" (3) together with a control valve "VARIABLE RATIO CONTROL" (5),

changing the pressure exist in the respective cavities of the master and slave pulleys, allows

control the position of the moving cones with respect to the fixed cones and, consequently,

change the ratio of the variator. Management is carried out synchronously moving the cones,

ie as one of the moving cones moved away from its fixed cone, just as the second movable

cone should approach its stationary cone.


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