BLOCK OF THE VALVES


   A valve to separate from the power solenoids, thoroughly wash it. If you are not confident

in their ability, afraid to mix up the valves and springs. Then remove the valve at a time,

rinse, remove dirt howl raid.

   Before assembling, check to see whether the valve is moving freely in its hole in a dry

form. When you angle the valve block valve should slide freely in its hole. Valve springs

should not have any signs of damage, do not stretch them. Replace the sealing on tubes

valves. At final assembly, lubricate the valve with fresh oil.

   Properly tighten the bolts when installing the unit solenoids and valve block. This will avoid

jamming valves and unwanted leaks.


  In the picture: the unit solenoids top, bottom valve block. Between them strip.


  In the photo: mechanical valve hand drive.


  1- three ball valve,

  2- directing the assembly of blocks,

  3- tube with gaskets that hold the valve with springs,

  4- U - shaped locks tubes.


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