CHECKING THE SOLENOIDS


   If we succeed to do, then we obtain:

 - timely locking torque converter,

 - as a consequence of the savings in fuel consumption,

 - lack of heating oil in the variator (if there is no blocking of HT, it will work as a liquid trac-

   tion, ie pump wheel would always "chasing" the oil on the turbine - it´s minus ten percent

   of energy),

 - inclusion of the higher transmission,

 - the necessary pressure in the main trunk,

 - proper operation of the block valves.


   It´s you watch when adjusting the pressure on the solenoid, "LINE PRESSURE CONTROL SO-

LENOID VALVE". Curl screw clockwise by 90 - 180 degrees, the system pressure has risen.

Although we do not increase the engine speed, the pulse width of the PWM signal is not

changed, the program has not been touched. And we simply reduced the volume of discharge

in the ball valve.

   And such "tuning" the solenoids after some time be repeated.


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