DISASSEMBLY VARIATOR


   Before removing the CVT site forget to switch to the neutral position sensor or any other

position other than "P". In order to stop the parking gear. If you do not, then the extraction

of CVT site parking emphasis will be rested in a pinion gear driven shaft. The diameter of the

parking gear is less than the diameter of the drive gear. Node mast be removed freely, you

should feel only the weight.

   I believe that the block of solenoids have been removed.


  This photo shows the position of the variator to the disassembly:

  1- variable speed unit,

  2- cover of the drive shaft,

  3- cover the driven shaft.


  In the photo CVT site:

  1- planetary gear,

  2- drive shaft, movable and fixed cone,

  3- sensor lever arm "RATIO CONTROL MOTOR",

  4- driven shaft, movable and fixed cone,

  5- parking gear,

  6- pinion gear driven shaft,

  7- CVT belt,

  8- plastic collars, put on two pieces on each side of the belt.


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