THE DRIVING SHAFT


   To do this, unscrew the nut from the large bearing. Then take the shaft of the fixed cone -

bearing down the shaft is strictly vertically and strikes then end of the shaft of a solt board.

A few strokes are usually enough to remove bearing, movable cone and six balls. Visually

assess the condition of six balls and grooves on shaft.


 In the picture:

   1. Conduit for oil in the HT.

   2. Conduit for oil when you turn on the front of the clutch.

   3. Retaining ring for removal of the planetary mechanism with the drive shaft.


 In the picture:

   1. Metallic belt.

   2. Movable cone pulley.

   3. Fixed cone drive shaft.


 In the picture: the removal of the retaining ring with the return disc springs piston speed

ahead with the help of simple tools.

   1. Here insert adapter for checking piston speed ahead.


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