THE DRIVEN SHAFT


   Driven by a movable cone (pulley) with bearings (only has nine balls) is based on the

output shaft of the variator. The drive shaft consists of movable and fixed cone. Progress is

also rolling cone is 22 mm. Necessary push force to create friction between the metal belt and

pulley cones formed by push-plates and a spring in the control cavities rolling cone.

   Before lifting the rolling cone with the driven shaft check the compressed air oil duct

shaft and sealing peripheral devices rolling cone (bottom photo). To the end of the shaft (4)

connected the adapter and serve compressed air and can be seen seeping from the air. The

motion of the rolling cone, we can not observe, as overcome the resistance of the spring foot

pump is not possible, we need up to 60 kg/cm².


   Remove the movable cone to check the status of nine balls and grooves on the shaft. Unsc-

rew the nut (1), remove pinion gear (2) and gear locking mechanism driven shaft(3). Proceed

as with the drive shaft, hits the butt of a soft board and fetch a movable cone and nine balls.

Visually check the condition of the balls and grooves on the shaft. Grooves should be clean

without chipping at the edges. Round balls with no dents (not square).

   Do not round balls and chips in the slots are the main cause breakage of the metal belt

because wedged moving cones driving and driven shaft. What do I need to do to balls and the

grooves were bad? We must sharply away from rest, braking sharply to moving cones worked

crushing balls and chips were produced in the grooves of rolls.

                                 TIP-TOUCH AND BRAKE SMOOTHLY!


 Photos: the driven shaft.

   1. Nut.

   2. Pinion gear driven shaft.

   3. Gear locking mechanism of the driven shaft.

   4. Here insert the adapter in checking seals rolling cone.


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