ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT


   On this page shows a circuit diagram of the variator VT25-E. These pages have been

formatted pdf, converted to jpg. If they can not read, you´ll have to convert back.

   After the repair, assembly time, try to ensure to ensure a reliable electrical contact on

power chains, not to be sincere. When used for engine starting battery of another car (or your

battery) should avoid sparking damage the electronic components TCM and ECM. If the blocks

do not fail then those sparking (interference), are recorded as fault codes in memory blocks

TCM and ECM. Followed by sunbathing relevant indicators on the dashboard "SERVICE ENGINE

SOON" - is faulty engine and "REDUCED POWER" - faulty variator. After sunbathing indicator

"REDUCED POWER" (personally tested) defective CVT stands in the emergency mode. The

engine speed around 3000 rpm, the speed of 10- 20 mil/h. Removing the battery cable for 5-

10 minutes off assists in TCM fallback variator. Indicator "REDUCED POWER" turn off. After

that, the car rides fine. A light "SERVICE ENGINE SOON" after some time off himself after few

inc. and offignition. If there is a possibility of this mistake can throw off the scanner.



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