THE OIL FILTER


   The oil filter is designed to prevent the ingress of particles and contaminants in the system

control of the variator, where they can contribute to intensive wear of seals and lead

output shafts, plunger seizure (valves) in the block valves and solenoids.

   If jamming of valves can occur misallocation of oil flow, which can lead to breakage of the

metal belt. Or improper execution of the command with selector lever.

   The filter is located inside the crankcase under the variator drive the oil pump. It is

installed so that was always immersed in oil.

   How to pour the oil in CVT, everyone decides for himself. According to his pocket, according

to availability. Can be filled with "native" Dex - CVT with additives, Honda CVT or Nissan


   Check the oil level as follows. Start the engine, the level in position "P", then from on

proposition "P" in "R" for 10 seconds, then from the position "R" in "D" for 10 seconds and

then out of "D" "P". When turn off the engine is running hexagon plug in the hub, must drain

the oil:

 - 0,47 L at an oil temperature 20 degrees (in summer when the engine is cold),

 - 0,7 L at 40 degrees (there is an expansion of oil),

 - 0,95 L at 60 degrees,

 - 1,2 L at 80 deg.

   After the overhaul of the variator can be safely poured 8 L of oil and then adjusted for been

operating the engine. And during the next servicing about 6.5 liters.


 In the picture: 1. Oil filter.

   2. Sleeve to control the level and drain the oil in the variator, it has a cork with a hexagon.

   3. The approximate level of oil.

   4. Intermediate gear.

   5. Ring gear and differential.


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