HYDRAULIC TORQUE CONVERTER


   Rotating torque converter for cover, gently drag him from the sprocket oil pump that had

not resulted from the oil. In advance prepare a glass quart jar (iar then do not hit, do not

throw away, we will swill with "FAIRY" for further use in agriculture), dress to the bank on the

HT, carefully turn over and put upright. Almost immediately from the HT drained about a liter

of oil, just to be about two liters. Inspect the sediment on the bottom banks. The presence of

particles of the friction material, filings indicate the presence of a serious problem. If metal

particles are attracted to a magnet, so there are damaging to the HT. It will have to be

repaired. At home without special equipment repair is not possible to give a better service,

which involved automatic.

   If a HT does fine, washed with kerosene in several steps to merge the remnants of (pear

can be removed) and dried. He is also in package.

   Hydraulic converter serves to transmit torque from the engine to the driving shaft variator

consists of the following main parts:

   - driven torus or pump;

   - piston torque converter lock-up clutch or clutch plate lock-up HT;

   - turbine wheel or turbine;

   - reactor;

   - overrunning clutch.

   To converter lock-up uses torque converter lock-up clutch, which allows for its inclusion of

hard interconnect the pump and turbine wheel. This leads to the fact that the motor is directly

connected to the drive shaft of the variator, and thus the HT off from the power of the oil

flow. Hub piston torque converter lock-up clutch slots is connected to the turbine wheel hub.

Between the piston sleeve and hub are located springs, which act as a damper of torsional

vibrations. In the process of locking HT piston oscillates with respect to the hub by deforming

the springs, which absorb the energy of the excited torsional vibrations of the engine. Torque

at the same time passes through a spring damper and gets on the drive shaft of the variator.

   To improve the locking sleeve to the inner surface of the piston disc is glued friction lining.

Almost like a clutch manual gearboxes.

   To ensure the lock-up clutch off state oil feeding system for HT given first in the space bet-

ween the piston and clutch housing. Next, it enters into the working position, and then enters

the cooling system. Oil supplied to the input of HT and leaves it alone by the pressure

created by an oil pump of the variator.



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