HYDRAULIC TORQUE CONVERTER


   Converter lock-up HT valve control circuit switches, and oil is supplied to the piston sleeve

opposite side. Under pressure to move the piston and pressed to the casing. Oil, located in

the space between the piston and the housing HT merges with the shaft through a planetary

mechanism that provides smooth clutch. Thus, the turbine wheel is rigidly connected to the

motor shaft and the HT becomes blocked.

   Overrunning clutch allow you to move the car coast down without braking mode engine that,

in some cases it is very profitable. It's like a bicycle, pedaling - get faster, stop - going

coasting. Overrunning clutch - an element that does not require no drive management. This

item is automatically and almost instantly turn himself and also automatically shuts down.

Serviceability overrunning clutch can be defined as follows-way. Set the lever to "N" and the

way to the press on pedal accelerometer. If the engine speed at that exceed 3000 rpm, this

means that the reactor is free to rotate in the flow of oil (for repair). If the engine speed

does not exceed 3000 rpm, the overrunning clutch jammed, and the torque converter reactor

works as a brake system (properly).

   The work of HT occurs in two phases: in phase regulator and in the phase of the clutch.

Geared phase begins when the pump wheel is rotating faster than the turbine and the torque

converter acts as a reducing gear. In HT, when the pump is rotating faster than the turbine,

the main energy is expended on the movement of oil. The greater the difference in the rates

of rotation of the pump and turbine, the stronger the effect of gear. At the time of

approaching equlization of speeds of turbine and pump work goes into HT conventional liquid-

phase bonding. Typically, the turbine accelerates to a speed of not more than 90% of the

pump rotation speed. When moving HT car work moves from phase to phase clutch gearbox

depending on the conditions of motion of and load on the engine.

   Here are some failures HT: total slip clutch, the clutch will not turn off and HT suppres-

ses motion engines under braking, early or later on or off the clutch HT, of when you turn on or



   Snapshot of the variator after removal of HT:

   1- seal torque converter;

   2- housing of the variator in the form of a "bell";

   3- shaft of the planetary mechanism.


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