On this page we will learn how to measure the disassembly line pressure, how to test motor and

variator sensors learn using compressed air to check the oil contours. We check to drain oil. Here

we find the pictures of the variator assembly units.


                         Check line pressure in the main hydraulic circuit.

   To measure the pressure gauge tube should turn out (next to hose oil cooler) and screw the

adapter with a hose. The line pressure test first, because it is a "food source" of all other go-

vernmental lines (contours). If the linear pressure is underestimated, the pressure in all

other circuits will also be underestimated.

   Keep in mind that the hydraulic pressure depends downforce piston front and reverse. At

low pressure does not close the ball-valve on the piston forward stroke. Understated pressure

 leads to clutch slippage and wear. Unable to drive at high speed.

   The pressure gauge used with a scale of not less than 60 kg/cm². Idling linear pressure in

all modes must be between 8-13 kg/cm². With increasing engine speed should increase pres-

sure from 40-60 kg/cm². When measuring the pressure gauge needle slightly pulsing, due to

 changes in valve on "TCC CONTROL VALVE" with a spring. On the left side of this valve

comes with a  pressure solenoid, the running the ball valve, because of which creates a small

 pressure fluctuations. And on the right end of the valve return spring and get a vibration

gauge  needle.

   Thus, we can determine if the oil pump before disassembly. Looking ahead, the valve

"LINE PRESSURE REG" do not have to work on the drain (on the loop flow of oil), ie in bypass



                                  Conductivity sensors engine and variator.

   Use the page - electric circuit.

   Below are shown pictures of the control units of the variator TCM and the engine ECM. Are

the  numbers inputs. The measurements were carried pointer tester. In applying multimeters

testimony may differ due to different input resistance of the device.


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