Some advice: Do not mix the screws, or fold into one box. Take the plastic bag fold

bolts and sign a marker for CD, for example, bolts from the box the battery. To protect

against dust, dirt used to temporarily store the bright bags. They can put a block of

solenoids and valves, shafts, gears, etc. Signed-write a marker for CD.

   Next unscrew the lid of the variator, remove the block of solenoids and valves. And now

have access to the openings of oil circuits in the lower picture.


  At the lower pictures show the continuation of oil channels after disassembly.


   1ch. - here comes oil from the oil cooler for lubrication of the hub torque, them comes a

            tube pos.6 for lubrication of the driven shaft and bearings. Here we can blow

            compressed air (foot pump with an adapter).


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