REPLACEMENT OF THE CVT BELT


   This shows the operation if necessary, replace only the the metal belt. These operations

are repeated during disassembly CVT units: the replacement of the drive shaft seals, inspe-

ction of grooves and balls of driving and driven shafts.


   Metal belt assembled from a variety of steel parts with special notches in the side, tightly

fixed together by means of a multilayer steel tape. Belt is pushing, not pulling. This means

that the pulley drive shaft of the variator pulley pushes the driven shaft with a metal belt.

The design of the belt suggests that the steel can not be compressed, belt can not wear

(stretch) over time. Because the links in the belt very tightly linked, he works as a unit and

transmits the torque from the pulley drive shaft to the pulley driven shaft.


 In the photo: CVT unit.


 In the picture: output shaft is put aside.


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