The tool is an continuation of the hands of a mechanic. An indispensable tool-set sockets,

 ratchet, various adapters, hexagon Torx, all in one box (trunk). This collection there is in free

sale. Buy sockets for 33 to loosen the nut front wheel hub.

   Spanner wrenches size 15, 16, 18, 21. Forceps for removal and retaining rinds. Torque

wrench  to tighten the bolts block of solenoids and valves, if you overtorque bolts you-can clog

the valve and will last a long time wondering why the car does not go.

   May still have to break the head at 18, with loosening the bolts a underframe especially the

front. Sometimes it will be necessary to close the garage and run to the market or to shop for


   At the bottom of the picture large tools and accessories. Garage rolling jack to lift cars and


jacking the engine when removing the variator. Foot pump with tips for compressed air in

cheking of seals, pistons forward and reverse, oil lines.

   Vices are used for loosening large nuts on the driving and driven shafts with alligator

wrench. Tape for pulling with a dwindling of the variator in the grease pit. Scrap and chain

to secure the left side engine when removing the variator. Scrap is installed on the right and

left cup mounting the upper support struts suspension through the wooden and rubber


   And in this lower picture shows a pressure gauge with an adapter to measure the linear

pressure. Near-press device to install the gear on the shaft, pressing plates, remove the lock


ring with disk spring, etc. Pieces of pipes of different diameter, with carved windows with

grinding machine.


   At auction eBay you'll find the following auto parts:






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